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Sherry Young Staff Photo

About My Classroom 

RITS stands for Reading Instruction Teaching Support.  I pull small groups to help students that need some additional reading support. We work on reading strategies, comprehension, and writing activities that go along with the text we are reading. We have been focusing on using thinking maps to deepen comprehension. We also work closely with classroom teachers to effectively provide the most effective instruction for each and every student. 


Ways to Help Your Child at Home:

Listen to your child read the books that are sent home each night and sign the reading log. Don't tell your child a word too quickly. Encourage them to use the reading strategies such as looking through the word and thinking about what makes sense to figure the unknown word out.

Ask your child oral and written questions about what they have read. Being able to answer questions in writing is an important part of the Reading 3D assessment.

Call out the sight words we are working on and have them write the words. Every Friday we will have a little quiz to see how many words they can write on their own.